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018 – You ARE Enough. Stop Telling Yourself Otherwise

You ARE enough.

Have you ever noticed that your insecurities speak the loudest when you go out to prove them otherwise? Why is it that when you claim the audacity to chase after the bravest and bold areas of your life, you tend to fall back on your weak spots?

This week, I am sharing an experience I had recently. After a super productive day, I felt super low energy. My insecurities slowly started to creep up and undervalued my accomplishments from earlier in the day. But as I started to dig deeper within, I felt God tug at my spirit to reveal what was actually happening on a deeper level.

Topics Discussed:
  • You ARE enough
  • You are NOT your insecurities
  • The deeper reason why 
  • Why your insecurities don’t get to dictate how you show up

As I share my experience with you in this episode, my goal is to encourage you that you ARE enough, despite what your insecurities may be telling you. You are so much stronger than that small voice trying to keep you small.

But don’t let the small voice hold the room. Don’t let those inconvenient insecurities dictate how you show up in the world.

2 thoughts on “018 – You ARE Enough. Stop Telling Yourself Otherwise”

  1. Great message Elaine. Soooo many women of all ages need to hear this. Our culture tends to celebritize (did I just make up a word??) people who are out in front so-to-speak and fantasize a “perfect lucky you”.
    It’s good to know that everyone battles in the mind…and it’s powerful to recognize they are lies!! And life changing to know we can breakthrough!
    Big HUG! I love you girl
    I am enough,

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