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019 – What Sunflowers are Teaching Me about COVID-19

My sunflowers are teaching me a valuable lesson about life.

Isn’t it crazy how God just uses the little things in life to teach us the greatest lessons? From a silly, yet meaningful hashtag that I found on TikTok to finding ways to keep thriving through a global pandemic, sometimes it really is the little things in life that teach us to be still and soak in every ounce of life. 

Recently, my husband and I started our very first ever garden, and aside from the fruits and vegetables that we planted, we decided to also plant sunflowers. Little did I know, however, the sunflowers would teach me the most beautiful message during a global pandemic. And this week, I am sharing that little nugget of truth with you.

Topics Discussed:
  • The most valuable lesson I’ve learned recently
  • What sunflowers can teach us about self-care
  • Understanding that balance is necessary
  • Recognizing beauty in adversity

The biggest thing that my sunflowers are teaching me during COVID-19 is that there is still room for growth.
Things can still thrive in the middle adversity. You can still find beautiful things in this messy thing that we call life. 

We are all beautiful beings. And we all need nourishment. We all need healthy root systems in place. There is beauty in the balance of light and dark.

Despite all of the crazy and messy in the world, despite all of the destruction and unknowing, my sunflowers are flourishing right now. And I believe we can still flourish during this time as well. 

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