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015 – Understanding Emotions as Our Greatest Superpowers

This week, we lean into the idea of understanding emotions as our greatest, yet most untapped superpowers.

Are you currently struggling with low vibrational energy? Have you been feeling down lately with everything going on in the world? I get it. I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve actually been feeling pretty down myself. In fact, I recently wrote a blog post expressing one of the many feelings that I’ve been having lately.

Life is pretty freaking crazy right now with COVID-19. But I am here to tell you that there is so much untapped potential when we truly sit with our thoughts and feelings. Yes, even the “bad” ones we try so hard to suppress. And you know what? I believe that our greatest breakthroughs come from those low feelings. So, what would happen if you dug a little deeper and got 100% transparent and honest with how you are feeling? 

This week, I am sharing my heart with you all as I open up about why I believe emotions are our greatest, untapped superpowers. Oftentimes we try to ignore or suppress feelings such as heartbreak, bitterness, resentment, depression, etc that we forget what it’s like to fully embrace the more positive feelings such as joy, life, beauty, and love. If you have never been given permission to fully express how you feel, or to feel whole, to be a freaking human being, here is your permission slip.

You have full range and full capacity to tap into those strong emotions. So, what will you create with your superpowers?!

Why our emotions are our greatest, yet, most untapped superpowers

People don’t recognize that sometimes their greatest potential is through heartbreak and loss. The hard feelings and the emotions we try to avoid actually help us operate at a higher level of ourselves. When we try to avoid pain, we are actually cutting off our creativity and innovation and essentially, hope. We are cutting off the potential beauty and life that can come from those dark places in our minds. 

But, there is a flip side to all of this.
When we choose to utilize our emotions as our greatest superpowers, we open ourselves up to more opportunities for life and joy, and love.

What happens when we fully embrace our current state of mind

Each time we learn to let ourselves just simply feel, we are that much closer to reaching those positive emotions once again.

Today, you may be your lowest low. But tomorrow? You may be at your highest high. There is so much untapped potential when we truly allow ourselves to sit with our thoughts and feelings, we start to become aware of our breakthrough. When we fully embrace our current state of mind, we show others what beautiful things we can create.

Understanding why joy comes in the mourning

God is with us both in the hard times and with us in the joyful times. 

So, here is to better understanding emotions as our greatest superpower!
And guys, we WILL get through this together.

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