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013 – Why TODAY is the BEST Day to Start Chasing Your Dreams

Did you know that TODAY is the BEST day to start chasing your dreams?!

Y’all, life has been so crazy right now. The world is hurting as we’re seeing the impact of COVID-19. But, there is beauty to be found amongst the chaos. What if I told you that you have that beauty buried within you, just waiting to be let out? What if I told you that the best time to write that book, start that podcast, or chase after your God-given goals is right now. We’re not promised tomorrow. So what will you do with the time you’ve been given today? My hope is that you chase after your most ambitious, most audacious goals. You have that fiery passion within you; seize the moment. 

This week, I am sharing my heart with you guys and where I’ve been in the past couple of weeks. Something that has been stirring in me is the audacity to see the beauty in the world right now. There may be a lot of bad, but there is also a lot of good. Take this time as an opportunity to create beautiful things from within. Don’t let this moment pass you by.

Seeing opportunity in adversity

I can’t help but to view everything with COVID-19, or rather, any pandemic or crisis, as an opportunity. There is an opportunity to cultivate authentic relationships. There is an opportunity to grow and heal and restore. I think believe this is the opportune time to fully chase after our God-given dreams.

There is always an opportunity for beauty if you look for it. And I choose to always be searching.

How to take ownership over your life TODAY

Today is all you have.

I don’t want another global or national pandemic to be the reason why you finally chased after your dreams. I want you to already be chasing after your heart’s passions. There is a reason why God breathed them into you. Now is the time to speak life into those things.

Why “stuck” is a mindset (that we can get out of!)

There is a difference between a “stuck” mindset and a “growth” mindset. I choose the latter. Why? Because that is the only way we are going to grow and heal from the external world. When we put our heads down and utilize the time and resources that we have been given, imagine what kind of world we would live in.

The importance of taking care of yourself during a crisis

You don’t always have to be doing or creating. Even catching up on rest and taking time for yourself is still productive. You need to be taking care of yourself during this season. There is a time to rest and sit still and be with your thoughts and feelings. Truly embrace where you are at today. Because you can’t create from the heart if you haven’t taken care of your heart.

Why NOW is the perfect time to create from the heart

We’ve been given the opportunity to stay at home and create. We aren’t stuck at home or forced to stay at home. There isn’t any freedom or love in that. But, we get to stay home and take joy in the things that we love the most. We get to research how to write a book or start a podcast or start a business. We have the ability to learn a new skill and focus on our shifting perspectives. Right now is the perfect time to create from the heart.

Y’all, TODAY is the BEST day to chase after your dreams.
What will you create with the time that you have been given?

April 30-Day Goal Setting Challenge!

Ladies! We are starting our new challenge this week “one. day. closer.” Each day during the entire month of April, we are focusing on our greatest goal for 2020! If you want to join in and link arms with women who are actively pursuing their God-given goals and dreams, be sure and join the community!

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