the power of no

010 – The Power of NO and Setting Healthy Boundaries

Learning how to harness the power of now and why we need to learn how to set healthy boundaries.

Do you struggle with saying yes even when you really want to say no? Have you ever struggled with doubt, fear, guilt, or shame around the word no? If you have ever run yourself ragged trying to be the yes man/woman for those who are closest to you, then this is the episode for you. 

This week, I am continuing the conversation around self-care, specifically about the power of no and how to set healthy boundaries. I also share my opposite struggle of saying no too much and how this can affect our relationships. Once we harness the power of saying no, this creates the ability to create and maintain healthy boundaries. But first, we must get real and honest with ourselves in order to cultivate even healthier relationships. 

Topics Discussed:
  • Recognizing when saying NO is problematic 
  • Utilizing NO as a superpower and how to use it in a healthy way
  • Why setting healthy boundaries sets the stage for healthy relationships
  • How healthy conversations determine mutual respect

Did I mention that I am hosting a February Self-Care/Self-Love challenge all month long? Maybe you’re skeptical about the idea of self-care and want more information before taking the plunge. Or maybe you’re totally on board for creating a space to take care of yourself in order to better take care of those around you. The truth is, we can’t pour from an empty cup because we weren’t designed to anyway. So, if you want to be a part of this self-care journey or get ideas on how you can better take care of yourself, here is your open invitation. Amazing things happen when we walk in confidence, joy, and abundance!

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