the power of mindset, meditation, and manifestation

002 – The Power of Mindset, Meditation, & Manifestation

The Power of Mindset, Meditation, and Manifestation are the three main categories for The Prodigal Daughter podcast. So, what does this mean?

If you listened to the previous episode, I introduced myself and the meaning of The Prodigal Daughter. One of the ideas that I shared for this podcast is the three keys to unlocking your most ambitious goals and dreams. Mindset, meditation, and manifestation are the building blocks for setting yourself up for success in any area of your life. Whether you want to become a best-selling author or train up for a marathon, these three keys allow you to step into the greatest version of you.

If I were to ask you what your biggest goal in life right now would be, how would you answer? I want you to think about that for a moment. Is it to become the CEO of your own business? To settle down and live a charming life with your spouse and children? Travel the world and learn about different cultures? Regardless of whatever your biggest dreams are, we all have a dream for our future selves. But how do we actually get to where we want to be in the next 5, 10, 15 years?!

This is where the power of mindset, meditation, and manifestation come in.
In this episode, we are tackling these three questions:

  • When mindset can be your greatest superpower
  • Why meditation is necessary for growth and success
  • How manifestation can turn intention to fruition

But first, we must define what each of these terms means.


“How do you kick old habits that no longer serve you? By being intentional with your thought life. When you begin to cultivate healthy habits in your daily routine, shift happens. Mindset is your personal superpower.”


“Did you know that everything you need is already within you? No, seriously! Whether that means getting alone with God through intentional prayer and journaling or any other self-awareness practices, you begin to unlock all that you were created to be.”


“We are all about creating the life that we want to live. But that starts with the belief in yourself that you are capable of creating what that life looks like for you. Manifestation is a powerful tool in which we speak our truths out into the open and invite success within our own lives.”

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