the importance of a mid-year check-in

024 – The Importance of a Mid-Year Check-In!

The Importance of a Mid-Year Check-In (and how it helps our goal setting!)

Sometimes we get too ahead of ourselves when we create our vision boards or write out our biggest goals. We get in the mode and the mindset of wanting to change everything in our lives and write out huge lists of accomplishments we’d like to have by the end of the year and it can seem really overwhelming. But that’s where a mid-year check-in comes in handy! 

This week, I am sharing the importance of a Mid-Year Check-In! By doing so, this helps us see what’s working, where we need to shift and pivot, and if we’re staying on the right track. It’s easy to feel motivated at the beginning of a New Year because everyone is talking about goal setting and casting vision for the year. But after a couple of weeks, you start to feel burnout. This is totally normal by the way. In fact, this is something that we all have experienced at some point in time. And there is absolutely no room for shame or guilt. It’s an easy thing to do and especially during the year that we have had in 2020. Lots of things have happened and people’s mindset and focus shift on different things going on in the world and rightfully so!

Just because 2020 is half over, that doesn’t mean our goals stop there. In fact, what better way to evaluate our goals and intentions for this year than to revisit where we first started. So, here’s to the latter half of 2020, and may it be exciting, fun, and even more joyful than the former. 

Topics Discussed
  • Evaluating our goals and revisiting our intentions
  • How a Mid-Year Check-In helps us stay on track with our goals
  • Why there’s no room for shame or guilt in goal setting
  • Reclaiming our vision for the latter half of the year 
  • Why shifting and pivoting is necessary for progress

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