The Enemy Doesn't Want You to Read This

The Enemy Doesn’t Want You to Read This

Life sucks sometimes. Bad things happen. Tragedy strikes, uninvited might I add. Our bodies become ill due to weird reactions. Sometimes you have no choice but to walk away from the job that is running you dry and stealing your joy. Grieving the loss of a loved one never gets easier, no matter how much you were are able to prepare in advance or not. Finances can quickly escape through our fingers. Close friends move away when you need them the most. The unnecessary family drama that always seems to happen when you least expect it. I get it. Life happens.

But did you know that we don’t have to stop there?

What if I posted that previous paragraph as it sits? There would be no hope of future triumph or moving on or the joy that comes in the mourning. We wouldn’t be able to walk through redemption or freedom. There would be no trusting that no matter how hard the circumstance that God would still be guiding us. What would the point in starting and ending this post with the ugly and messy parts of life? We all know that life is hard and sucks sometimes. But the greatest thing about the complexities of life is that life doesn’t have to stop at tragedy.

The enemy doesn’t want you to read this because he wants us to stop at tragedy. But the truth of the matter is that Hope operates best in the tough and sorrow parts.

Did you know that you are in full control of your own life? People are always giving you permission to quit and give up based upon your circumstances but I am here to tell you that you do NOT have permission to quit. You DO however have permission to keep going, despite your circumstances. We allow ourselves almost daily to give up because we carry such a heavy weight. There is a false sense of allowing tragedy to be the endgame because we think that people won’t fault us for being burdened. People don’t expect us to walk through the fire and not even smell like smoke coming out. We can’t expect the best outcome when our sole focus is to expect the worst outcome.

The enemy doesn’t want me to write this because he doesn’t want you to know that the weight you have been carrying for so long was never meant to be yours to carry.

The enemy seeks to kill, steal, and destroy. We see this all throughout the Bible. But if I tell you about your future triumphs the enemy is no longer in control. The enemy can only kill, steal, and destroy your joy if you let him. The enemy doesn’t want you to read this because if you knew all of the things you could accomplish and all of the goals you could reach, the enemy wouldn’t stand a chance. Yes, there are times to grieve and mourn and rest. But our lives don’t have to stop during these hard times. I think life truly begins through our breakthroughs. And I think that the greatest breakthroughs happen when we don’t give up when life knocks us down.

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