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021 – Slow to Speak, Quick to Listen

If you’re listening to this week’s episode the time it airs, we just wrapped up NOMAD 2020 this past weekend. And what a needed weekend it was. My husband and I as well as 10 other speakers and friends gathered together to share our hearts with you all. 

Though we all had our own unique experiences and perspectives, our central focus was to help those who feel lost in their spiritual journey. Those who feel like they have been an outcast or a misfit, or those who feel like they don’t belong. 

And the overall consensus was that no matter how much you question or doubt where you’re at, you are still validated. You are still loved. And you are exactly where you need to be;  you’re not lost; you’re only beginning to find your way. 

And I think this message is especially relevant for those who are hurting right now. There are many of us who feel as if our voices don’t matter or that our experiences are not affirmed. Right now, the world is grieving the lives of the black community. People are being hated for their skin color and being cast out because of the pigment of their skin.

Topics Discussed:

Friends and family, we cannot allow our differences and diversity to become divisive. Instead, we must celebrate our different backgrounds and the beautiful diversity that makes up humanity. And in order to do that, we must be slow to speak and quick to listen.

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