self-confidence through affirmations

022 – Building Self-Confidence Through Affirmations

Learning how to build our self-confidence through affirmations!

It’s no secret that there is power in our words. What we think about ourselves, we believe about ourselves. But do we actually believe our personal truths? Or are we allowing our negative self-narrative to get in the way of who we are called to be? You may be wondering how you can boost your self-confidence. You may be asking yourself, “how can I take back the power in discovering my own truths?”.

This week, I am sharing how we can build our self-confidence through affirmations. Affirmations are designed to create positive self-change within our lives. Honestly, affirmations are vital to self-improvement. Why? Because they help serve us through inspiration. It’s the simple reminders of our truths, usually in the form of “I am”.

Topics Discussed
  • Defining affirmations to align us with our truths
  • When to implement affirmations into our daily self-talk
  • How affirmations help us build self-confidence 

Write down 5 truths about yourself. I want you to write out 5 affirmations of whatever speaks to you at this moment. Once you have written out these 5 affirmations, I want you to declare these positive truths over yourself.

Even if, and especially if, you don’t believe them, place these affirmations where you can see them either in your car, all over your mirrors, or make them your background on your phone!

Join the Tribe!

For the entire month of JUNE, we are doing our 30 Days of Connection. We are connecting with different women to strengthen our online friendships and to widen our networks. So whether you are looking for new friends to share your dreams with or looking for advice on various topics or just simply wanting to find other women to encourage, we are focusing on that deeper level connection.

I know that this is something that not only myself but all of us as a collective could use a little more of in our lives right now. 

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