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Everything you desire is already in you, just waiting to be let out.

Hey girl, I'm Elaine!

3x podcast host, blogger, speaker, writer, Enneagram Type 4, and lover of all things coffee, cheetah print, and travel.

Welcome to my blog, podcast, and inner-workings of my heart & mind. 


break free from all these societal stigmas


How do you kick old habits that no longer serve you? By being intentional with your thought life. When you begin to cultivate healthy habits in your daily routine, shift happens. Mindset is your personal superpower.


Did you know that everything you need is already within you? No, seriously! Whether that means getting alone with God through intentional prayer and journaling or any other self-awareness practices, you begin to unlock all that you were created to be.


We are all about creating the life that we want to live. But that starts with the belief in yourself that you are capable of creating what that life looks like for you. Manifestation is a powerful tool in which we speak our truths out into the open and invite success within our own lives.

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The tools we teach and use:

Why is this tool so darn effective? Because we need to remind ourselves of where we came from. Think of this as a mental timeline of all that you have accomplished thus far. Setting goals isn’t always easy, but this practice reminds you of why you started dreaming and setting big goals in the first place.

This practice allows you to take every single one of your thoughts and write them down without any agenda. Want to know the best part? You have full permission to be messy! Why? Because it’s not supposed to look pretty or professional. Honestly, the messier your thoughts look on paper, the greater your creativity is able to flow outward. 

So this is where the magic happens. For all you ladies who love to be organized, this is your moment to shine, sister. You can honestly make this as polished or as basic as your heart desires. But the whole point of this exercise is to organize all of your messy thoughts into a road map. Have crazy big goals? No sweat. We just have to learn how to get there. 

Cultivating healthy habits into our daily routine is the deciding factor in whether or not we actually accomplish our dreams. Choose today, and every day, the daily habits you can implement into your daily routine that will better serve you. 

Why do I podcast?

Mindset. Meditation. Manifestation. 

These three words set the foundation for what The Prodigal Daughter embodies. By focusing on the inner groundwork and utilizing your God-given gifts and talents, you have the power to create marvelous things.

I started this podcast to remind you that you don’t need permission to set audacious goals and live out your dreams. But if you’re looking for permission to become the best version of yourself possible, here is your sign. 

By sharing my journey and the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way, I hope you are empowered, inspired, and even challenged to keep pursuing the women you were created to be.

Why do I blog?

I started this blog back in 2011 as a way to share my thoughts with the world. With a basic WordPress site and not having a clue what widgets were and how to properly use plug-ins, I knew deep down I wanted to help women.

Now, The Prodigal Daughter is a reminder to all women that they are powerful beings with God-given dreams. Too often women push their goals to the side or leave their dreams on the back burner. But I want to empower women to come back home to those dreams and re-ignite the fire within. 

Gone are the days of allowing self-limiting beliefs determine your future. Everything you desire is already in you, just waiting to be let out. 


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