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014 – My Top 5 Workflow Tips & Tricks

Here are my top 5 workflow tips and tricks! 👇🏻

Ever have those days where you feel like you keep hitting a wall any time you try to work on a new objective? Or do you ever feel stressed out with upcoming projects and deadlines? Maybe working from home is a new concept for you and you’re feeling a little anxious. Maybe you’ve been working from home for quite some time now, but you need a little refresher to maximize your workflow. 

This week, I am sharing with you an exercise that I really started to implement during my freshman year of college. Ever since then, I have utilized these 5 tips and tricks in every major task. Sometimes our workload can be very daunting and overwhelming at times. I get it, I really do. But ever since I started to implement these different work patterns, my productivity skyrocketed. Listen in this week as I share with you my top 5 workflow tips and tricks so that you and your schedule can finally be at ease!

Why being organized is the number ONE priority for workflow

Sync your calendars, set reminders on your phone, and write out the most important dates in your planner! This helps you visually see what projects, assignments, deadlines, and appointments you need for the next couple of weeks.

My recommendation is to have at least two weeks planned out. However, if you are able to know your entire month’s schedule in advance, then more power to you! The best time to start working on your calendar is at the beginning of the week.

How to set 5 major goals each day and work down

This is where you tackle the big, heavy, and/or most important tasks first. By writing down the most important tasks at the top, you are able to visually see what needs to be finished first. The method in which you approach this exercise is the top-down method where you put the most pressing issues at the top and the least important at the bottom.

The best questions to ask yourself during this process is 1.) What will take the most time? 2.) What is most pressing? 3.) What needs my utmost attention?

The amount of time you should be investing in each objective

The opportune time to be working on any given assignment is between 30 min. – 1 hr increments. If you spend any more time on a particular task, it can be easy to feel tense, anxious, or even bored. By getting up and stretching and starting a new task before you come back to your previous task allows you to sit and refocus.

Understanding the importance of a consistent schedule

Be mindful of your time. Time is precious. Stop doing tasks that only waste your time. You wouldn’t want to waste someone else’s time by doing things that are necessary so be mindful and honor yourself through this as well.

Why you should be incorporating “treat yo’ self” days each week

Reward yourself for a job well done. We all need a little self-care throughout the week. Make sure that you are finding time to enjoy the little things as well. Your work is important but so is your mental health. (really, health in general!) Make sure that you are rewarding yourself each time you finish an objective no matter how big or small!

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