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004 – 5 Ways to Jumpstart Your 2020 Goals

Are you looking to start off the New Year with a bang? And no, I don’t mean just with fireworks. Like, are you wanting to start the New Year with a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and a roadmap on how to get there? Sure, setting goals for yourself sounds great. But what does that actually look like on paper?

This week, I’m sharing 5 ways to jumpstart your 2020 goals. This is my personal go-to list anytime I’m wanting reset and refocus on what it is I’m trying to achieve. The best part? You can apply these 5 ways in any area of your life. So, are you ready to tackle your best year yet?!

Topics Discussed:

  • How to set specific vision for your goals
  • Being intentional and incorporating healthy daily habits
  • How your surroundings determine your success
  • Why keeping a journal helps monitor your progress
  • Why you should be starting today instead of tomorrow

So how do we set our 2020 goals into practice?

Setting specific vision –

Of course, we all want to be happy, healthy, or financially stable. But what does that mean to for us individually? What does being happy, healthy, or financially stable really mean? Are we setting the right goals for ourselves?

When we set specific a vision of what success looks like for us, we have a better understanding on what it is that we truly want to achieve. We all share common goals but when we work down, we begin to realize how to actually get to that place.

Incorporating healthy habits into our daily routine

This is where we begin to apply our “road map” for our goal setting. When we try to tackle the big, scary goals at once, we tend to grow tired or stress out. But when you start to incorporate little steps along the way, we’re able to see progress in motion.

By taking daily action, we are able to make real headway towards achieving our goals. How we begin each morning of our lives sets us up for the lives we want to lead. This includes intentional thought life, self-awareness, and a healthy daily routine.

Becoming Aware of Your Surroundings

When we begin to take action on our goals, we become aware of our surroundings. Who we spend time with, what we allow into our hearts and minds, even down to what type of music we listen to.

The great thing about getting your mind into the right headspace is that it’s simple changes. Whether that means you change the background on your phone to an inspirational quote or you start to spend your time with those who lift you up and encourage you along the way.

Tracking Your Progress

I believe in the power of journaling. Ever since I was 8 years old, I started journaling, and have kept every journal since then. Keeping a journaling is a monumental in goal setting.

Why? Because there are two sides to this. It’s great to keep track of your goals. Where you’re at and where you want to be. What you’ve accomplished and what you still need to work on. But also it helps you track how you think and feel about your progress. You can sit and reflect on what brings you joy and what gives you life.

Start Today

My number one secret on goal setting?

Starting today. Not waiting until New Year’s day. Not waiting until next month or when you feel like it. But starting today, right now, in this moment. You have the power to choose what success looks like for you. And the best time to start is right now. So what are you waiting for?!

So here’s to you and your 2020 goals!

Additional Reference:
Last year, Cody and I talked about the difference between New Year’s Resolutions and goal setting. You can find more information here. 🙂

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