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Your Instagram Aesthetic Does Not Define You

As a lifestyle blogger and someone who frequents Instagram, I often find myself irritated and annoyed with the constant change of themes, algorithms, and statistics. I feel like I am constantly bombarded with Influencers and social media gurus constantly pushing how to have a more aesthetically pleasing feed to gain more followers. Because I share my life with others online and write about different things God is showing me, it can be hard to find pictures that relate to those different things through an array of perfectly stacked books, coffee shops, and cityscapes

A few weeks ago, Cody and I recorded an episode of social media on our podcast, The Reckless Pursuit, and how social media can be used for good as well as how social media can cause more harm than good. One of my biggest problems with Instagram lately is that in order to have a great following, you must stick to a specific theme. I honestly have tried using different themes ranging from orange grunge tones to black and moody and I simply cannot stick to one. This may be a personality thing but sometimes I like to change things up and start fresh. I may like a certain theme but may post something that I believe looks better with a different them instead. Often I have toyed around with different themes because I felt inspired by other bloggers, influencers, and friends alike.  I know that there is a huge push for an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed and one of the ways to accomplish this is to stay consistent. If you’re not consistent and constantly glued to your phone, your followers will drop and often times, so will your self-esteem. I honestly believe that a lot of social anxiety and the uprise in depression from social media has stemmed from this specific problem. We are constantly in comparison to how our feeds look and if they represent true creativity better than someone else’s feed. I am here to say that your Instagram aesthetic does NOT define you!

Creativity isn’t always “aesthetically pleasing”.

Maybe its because I am always wanting to create something new or I am easily bored with looking at the same style over and over again but I really cannot seem to stick with anything for more than a few single posts. Sometimes I am in the mood to post nature photos because of a fun hike I took with my husband. Sometimes I am in the mood to post cityscapes and coffee shops because I love old, architectural buildings. Other times, I am in the mood to post art, things I’ve made, or my outfit of the day because I feel confident.

That’s okay, though! I think in life, it is essential to push beyond our boundaries and learn different aspects of art and the world around us. As human beings, we are always changing into who God is creating us to be. We change our clothes, we change our hair, and we change the music we listen to so why should social media be any different?

Though I may have a love-hate relationship with Instagram, I think that if we are more in tune of how we are feeling and what we like to post, we should be able to post whatever we want to. The best part of social media is that your profile is personally yours. You should never feel inferior because you may not feel like your feed looks as put together as the random stranger on Instagram. Life isn’t always about looking good and trying to make sure everything is perfect. We are flawed, we make mistakes, and we are messy. We try new things and we focus on what makes us happy. If you are genuinely unhappy with your feed and you want to change up what you put out there for everyone to see, by all means, go for it. But if you are unhappy with your feed because it doesn’t look like someone else’s, unfollow that person and start focusing on what makes your profile unique. If Instagram’s analytics are always changing, so can you.

We all have our own struggles to worry about and our social media feeds shouldn’t be one of those.


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