if your heart is grieving during covid-19

If Your Heart is Grieving During COVID-19, Then You Are Not Alone

It’s okay if you’re not okay.

If your heart is grieving during COVID-19, then you are not alone.

We’re on what, like, week 6 of self-quarantine and social distancing? Whatever day it is, it feels like my weeks have blended together and that the past three months have been a whirlwind. And so have my emotions. If your heart is grieving during COVID-19, you are not alone.

There are days where I feel oh so productive and creative that I feel like the energy through me was going to burst.
Other days, I feel completely unproductive and spend hours fixing-up my island on Animal Crossing. Why? Because I feel trapped, lonely, and depressed.

I try not to use the term “depressed” loosely because it is so heavy. I never want to downplay the feelings of those who live through a literal depression. But I think it’s okay to express that we have “depressive” moments. The thing is, when we don’t talk about these things or when we don’t allow ourselves to be honest with the world, more importantly, ourselves, that’s when depression manifests itself over our lives. So, that’s where I am currently and why I am choosing to write this.

I am a deeply emotional person and I tend to draw towards a deeply-rooted heart connection with most people I come across. Blame it on my introvertedness for my desire to have the hard talks or the fact that I’m the poster child of an Enneagram Type 4. But I believe that tapping into our emotional energy is how we are able to connect as a whole. Connection with people, connection with God, and even connection within ourselves.

Connecting with our emotions allows us to truly be in the present moment. But something that I tend to struggle with and you may be dealing with as well is that I have high highs and low lows.

There are healing and peace and joy to come

When this whole self-quarantine thing started, I felt on top of the world. I started to grasp every opportunity that came across my way. Whether this is in the form of connecting with others online, expanding my business, or even doing what I can to stay out in a secluded nature backpacking with my husband and pup. For the first two weeks, I felt so empowered and encouraged to create and stay productive.

But the fourth week came around and I started to feel more and more trapped as the coming weeks started to linger. I think the worst day for me during this time was on Easter when I felt sorry for myself until about 4 pm when the sun came out. And I swear there has to be a metaphor hidden somewhere.

I noticed that I was starting to become angry and bitter and those who were angry and bitter online and allow their negative emotions and unnecessary political/religious banter become the main focus instead of the physical human on the other side.

And I think that is why this has been so hard for so many people.
As great as the digital world we live in and the opportunity to utilize the resources that we have been given during COVID-19, I have started to notice that we have forgotten the outside world around us.

Is your heart is grieving during COVID-19? If so, you are not alone.

My heart is also grieving alongside with you.

It’s okay if you’re grieving the graduation that you worked so hard for. It’s okay if you’re grieving that you were unable to have your husband and/or family in the delivery room with your newborn baby. Honestly, it’s okay to grieve a much-needed vacation that you were unable to attend.

It’s okay if you’re not okay.
But it’s not okay to stay that way.

All emotions are important and natural. We were born with the capacity of having a wide range of emotions. I believe that we need to tap into all of these emotions in a healthy way.

It’s okay to grieve. In fact, it’s a real and raw emotion that we are all gifted with.
But, we were also all gifted with the ability to grow and heal.

No matter how heavy things get, there is still beauty in the chaos.

If you heart is heavy and hurting, I want you to really tap into those feelings. Deeply feel them to the best of your ability. But, if your heart is grieving during COVID-19, then you are not alone. There is healing to come. You will find peace and joy again, share that on with others.

And when you find it, be sure to share it with others. The world needs a little more healing, peace, and joy.

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