I wore my yoga pants backwards

I Wore My Yoga Pants Backwards at the Gym

So I wore my yoga pants backwards at the gym today and this is what I learned…

People aren’t thinking about us as near as we think about ourselves. I can even bet you that about 99% of the time those people are actually worrying more about what other people think about them.

Looking back, I realize that I wore my yoga pants to a couple different places and not just the gym. Unbeknownst to me, I had actually worn my yoga pants backwards for over half of the day. I went and enjoyed lunch with my husband, went shopping, and then went to the gym. Not once did I ever notice that I wore my yoga pants backwards. To be honest, I only realized when I went to the bathroom and saw the tags. *facepalm* Had I not been paying attention, I probably would have worn my yoga pants backwards all day long.

But you know what? I don’t think anyone else noticed either.

And that’s when I realized something very valuable. We spend so much of our time worrying about what other people think of us that we don’t actually stop to realize they aren’t really even paying that much attention at all. I wore my yoga pants backwards and not once did a single soul ever confront me about it. You know, someone may have noticed but it obviously wasn’t that big of deal. And honestly, with the style of yoga pants nowadays with the thigh windows, you probably couldn’t even tell.

But I realized that we miss so many opportunities when we overly focus on ourselves. I wasn’t self-conscious about my pants being backwards because I had no idea. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. Had I realized earlier in the morning, I probably would have been frantically searching for a bathroom to change. I may have even been embarrassed. But I realized in that gym bathroom stall is that people aren’t really paying that close attention to us. We work ourselves up so much about an overnight pimple or the fact that we have a slight stain on our shirts. The truth of the matter is though, it’s all trivial. In the grand scheme of life, little quirks like that don’t matter. The Earth doesn’t stop moving just because you have a wardrobe malfunction. You will actually live through the awkward moments of life despite the small mishaps.

The first thing I did when I realized what I had been wearing all day, I chuckled. I mean, how did I miss the tags in the front when I got dressed in the morning? Well, life is like that sometimes. Sometimes there are things that pop up that we get to choose to either get worked up about or let it roll of our shoulders. I will probably wear my yoga pants backwards again at some point. I may even wear a shirt inside out at some point. Believe me, I have had my fair share of overnight pimples at the most inconvenient times.

We need not take ourselves so seriously all the time. It’s actually healthy to remind ourselves that we’re human. We make mistakes and have wardrobe malfunctions. It’s normal. You’re normal. And I promise, other people aren’t thinking about you as near as you’re thinking about you. Remember that next time the universe reminds you of your quirks.



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