I quit Instagram

016 – I Quit Instagram…

Have you ever felt deep within your spirit to make a decision in your life that may not make sense to other people? Or have you ever felt like you need to make a hefty decision that may look trivial on paper but will actually change the course in the way you show up?

Well, if you’re anything like me that’s exactly where I have been this past week.

I quit Instagram.


I quit Instagram.

Now, this may sound trivial to you but this feels so freaking freeing to finally be able to say that out loud. And it may not make that much sense being that this is the time to be showing up in big ways and connecting with our friends, family, and the communities that we have built online due to the global circumstances. In a world where we should be even more connected online, I have felt so disconnected on this particular platform. So who would have thought that giving up Instagram during COVID-19 would be a good decision?

But deep down, I know this is the right decision to make for me.

Topics Discussed:
  • Why I quit Instagram
  • Where I am finding community
  • The MAJOR change coming to The Prodigal Daughter

Y’all, something that I want you to sit with this week is to look for areas in your life where there is no growth. What areas in your life do you feel called to and what areas of your life do you feel forced into? If it’s not bringing your joy, if there is no growth or healing, it may be time to find something new that sparks that within you.

So until next week, be thinking about what areas in your life do you need to strengthen. What decisions deep down in your heart should you be making, even if it doesn’t make sense to others?

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