I don't like rejection

I Don’t Like Rejection (But I Hate Rejecting Myself More)

I’ll be the first to admit, rejection sucks.

It doesn’t feel good to be rejected and it most certainly doesn’t feel good coming from friends online. I don’t like rejection. But you know what I have come to realize?

I hate rejecting myself more.

Honestly, nothing feels worse than handing over your own power in order to fit someone else’s narrative of you. Like, freely giving your own voice away in order to save face is a dishonor to your truest, highest self. And recently, I’ve victimized my own truth.

A couple of weeks ago, I walked away from my own Heart Center and ditched my own convictions. And no amount of slander or hateful comments on the internet can make me feel half as bad as I did that day. Sure, yeah, the comments stung, especially from those that I once felt deeply connected to.

When we deprive ourselves of taking ownership and responsibility of our voices, we cut off the ability to strengthen our truth. We cut off the ability to exercise our truth. And in turn, we silence ourselves. We teach ourselves that it’s okay to let other people dictate how we show up in the world. But that is such a destructive way to live your life. We shouldn’t feel afraid to voice our opinions, even if, and especially if, people disagree.

Does this mean that we walk all over other people in order to get what we want? Does that mean we get to tell others what to do with their truth? Absolutely not. I’m not an advocate for silencing others. That in itself is its own form of destruction. But I’m also not advocating for playing small and letting other people’s voices overpower yours.

If that means people hate me for sharing my truth and sharing my voice and standing firm in my beliefs, so be it.

Because you know what?

I don’t like rejection. But I hate rejecting myself more.

So I’m done trying to fit into boxes. And here’s to accepting ourselves as who we are and not folding into the expectations of how others want us to be. I’m firmly stepping and leading with my truth. And my prayer is that you do the same. But not because I persuaded you. But because you know that deep within you, that voice is no longer willing to be silenced.

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