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027 – How to Show Up When You Don’t Have Anything to Show

Ever wondered how to show up when you don’t have anything to show? Then this episode’s for you!

“To show up imperfectly but open to change is better than not showing up at all”

Haley Kennedy

This week, I am sharing how to show up when you don’t have anything to show. Specifically, when we don’t have all of the answers or the resources, we are allowing ourselves to grow. When we show up humbly and with a servant attitude we are showcasing our greatest strengths.

Yes, we can use our success and achievements as tools but we should not allow our identity to be defined by what we have to offer. Instead, our best gift is our time, energy, and open heart hearts. 

Topics Discussed

  • What it means to be empty-handed with a full heart
  • Embracing humility and a willingness to serve
  • Using our weaknesses as our greatest strengths
  • Admitting shortcomings in order to grow

Some of the most impactful and inspiring things have come out of the willingness to show up empty-handed. Personally, the most influential, most impactful people show up with an eagerness and willingness to serve others without a long list of success behind them. Serving from your current status speaks louder volumes.

So how can you serve at this moment? Remember, you have all that you need deep within yourself. Get out there and challenge yourself to keep showing up and to keep serving.

You have a lot more to offer than you even realize.

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