how I curl my hair

How I Curl My Hair (with a Flat Iron!)

I’ve had a ton of questions about how I curl my hair with a flat iron so here is a quick tutorial!

Growing up, my hair would NEVER hold a curl. My hair is naturally straight so I always had a hard time finding a hair tool that worked. I’ve used countless curling irons and nothing ever held. The only other tool that truly worked for my hair was a hair wand. But because my hair is so thick and long, it always took forever to curl. Although I liked the look after, I wanted a hair tool that didn’t take forever to use.

how I curl my hair

A few years ago, I was looking at buying a new straightener. When my old one broke, I started looking around at a few different brands. My husband (then boyfriend!) randomly found The HSI Professional Glider on Amazon. And guess what? It was ONLY $40! He ordered it for me and y’all, I have never looked back!

It may have taken a few years to perfect the long, wavy curls but I highly recommend this flat iron. And for the price? A MAJOR steal! I actually did a tutorial on TikTok on how I curl my hair with the flat iron. After I curl my hair, I add a bit of volume by teaching my crown. Add a touch of hairspray and voile! If you want to learn more about my style, fashion inspiration, or products I’m currently loving, be sure to check out the Fashion is Spiritual tab!

how I curl my hair

Products Used

HSI Professional Glider | Flat Iron Straightener

3 Pack | Teasing Comb

Herbal Essences | Volumnizing Hairspray

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