how do you define bravery

017 – How Do You Define BRAVERY?

How do you define bravery?

What does it mean to be brave?

This topic is something that I have really been leaning into for the past couple of weeks. 

It’s even the tagline for my other podcast, The Reckless Pursuit, “Be Brave, Be Bold, & Be Reckless”. But what’s so interesting to me is that we often talk about being brave but when we look deeper, we all seem to have a different definition. 

This week, I am exploring the idea of what it means to truly exercise bravery. When I looked to my friend’s list on FB and asked them the question, “what does bravery look like to you?”, I found all kinds of acts of bravery. And if you ask me, despite the differences in opinion, I would say that every single person was correct in their definition.  

But, above all else, there is an overarching consensus that flows through each perspective. Join me this week as we explore this perspective together!

Topics Discussed:
  • What bravery looks like to different people
  • Why bravery doesn’t need permission
  • How I define bravery 

Friends, I would absolutely love to hear your feedback on this topic! How do you define bravery? What actions of bravery have you exercised lately? If you need help defining bravery for yourself, just go look in a mirror 😉

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