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My Favorite Halloween Costumes Throughout The Years

If you know me at all, you know I love Halloween. Really, I just love Fall in general, but Halloween is my absolute FAVORITE holiday. I mean, who wouldn’t? You’ve got candy, costumes, scary movies, cooler weather, pumpkin patches, and bonfires. If you name it, I love it and have already been planning all year for it. One of my most favorite things about Halloween is the costumes! And I take my Halloween costumes very seriously. Being able to create my costumes from scratch has always been so much fun, especially since Cody and I have been together. Our Kitchen table always looks like the craft store threw up all over the place because there are always random scrap pieces and threads thrown around.

So in honor of my favorite Fall holiday, I thought I’d do a little roundup of my favorite Halloween costumes throughout the years. Should inspiration strike you, I’ve included a couple of details on how to re-create each some of these looks.

Let’s look, shall we…?

1. Mermaid (2017)


Mermaid Halloween CostumeMermaid Halloween Costume Crown


Let me first start off by saying that this was a super detailed costume to create. I actually wrote an extensive blog post last Halloween on the process. You know that saying, “uneasy lies the head who wears a crown” by Shakespeare? Yeah, that was definitely me. I wore this costume for our annual Johnston Halloween party as well as a Halloween themed birthday party. Man, I was so ready to take the crown off, especially since it was strapped on by a homemade choker! Even though this was a hard costume to even walk around it, I was pretty proud of how it turned out. My mom helped out with the crown and the corset and Cody helped out with the mermaid tale/skirt. I absolutely loved this costume, just maybe not actually wearing it around for hours.

2. Medusa (2015)

Greek goddess Medusa Halloween CostumeGreek goddess Medusa Halloween Costume


Fun fact: When I chose to be Medusa for Halloween, I was currently enrolled in a Greek Mythology course. It just so happened that when we were going over Medusa’s persona, it was right in the middle of October! You may not be able to see the accurate detail, but I loved the way my snake makeup turned out. It was so easy to achieve using an old fishnet stocking. As for my actual costume, I pretty sure I found an old sheet or window curtain and draped it around me. I even added a random tassel string for my belt!

*not pictured, I made Cody go as Zeus with me that year as well.

3. Wednesday Addams (2014)

Wednesday Addams Halloween CostumeWednesday Addams Halloween Costume

This Halloween costume was a super fun one to do because my family (minus my sister) dressed up as the Addams family. Of course, I had to be Wednesday Addams because we all know I love all things spooky and creepy. The funniest thing to me about this costume was on the way to a Halloween party, my mom and I stopped in Wal-Mart to pick up a cheesecake. My mom was dressed up as Morticia and we both got some pretty strange looks, especially because I was carrying around a baby doll without a head!

Oh well, you know what they say…

*on Wednesdays we wear black*

4. Gypsy Woman (2013)

Gypsy Woman Halloween CostumeGypsy Woman Halloween Costume

So I originally wore this costume back in 2011. But during my Sr. year of High School, we had a commercial day during homecoming week so I went as a Psychic Hotline. Since I couldn’t find any of my old pictures, I decided to use these. Besides the jewelry, headscarf, and shoes, I got my outfit from Goodwill. Bless Goodwill for always supplying my last-minute needs! Not surprisingly though, I still own this shirt and wear it pretty much every fall.

5. Edward Scissorhands (2012)

Edward Scissorhands Halloween CostumeEdward Scissorhands Halloween CostumeEdward Scissorhands Halloween Costume

Out of all of my makeup looks, this is my absolute favorite look that I have done! Again, this entire costume was either made from finds at Goodwill or from my own closet. And it was such a fun and creative costume to make. Even down to the scissor hands my mom helped me make out of plastic cutlery and a pair of scissors. The hardest part, though, was having to ride in the car and not be able to open my own door. I’m sure that’s exactly how good ole Edward felt as well.

Let me know which one of the costumes you liked best! I honestly can’t wait until I am able to share this year’s costume on the blog. It is something a little more… out there!

Can you guess what I’ll be?


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