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051 – Don’t Let the Darkness of the World Dampen Your God-Given Light

Don’t let the darkness of the world dampen your God-given Light!

Last week felt pretty heavy for America. If my friends outside of the country felt the sting of what happened at the White House last week, then my friends here in the U.S. definitely felt the weight of our country. 

But yall, we survived 2020. And if there is one thing that 2021 is already teaching us it’s that no matter how dark and heavy life gets, our light shines brighter. 

No matter how hard or empty the world feels, the light and love that we carry deep inside of our hearts will never go out.

My hope is that in the midst of chaos and disorder and uncertainty, that you keep your flame burning. Why? Because it’s the only way that we are able to see out of this dark void. 

Topics Discussed:
  • Focusing on Hope & Kindness
  • The best way to cast out darkness & drive out hate
  • Refusing to succumb to the darkness of the world
  • Why we should be leading with our God-given Love & Light
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