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I Don’t Fit Into a Box (and neither do you)

I was never made to fit into a box. And neither were you.

In case you missed it last week, I talked a lot about my different interests in Style and Music on my Instagram Story. I was getting ready to go to a show that night and as I looked myself in the mirror, I realized that I don’t fit into a box. As my bright red lipstick, winged eyeliner and curly hair contrasted my skull t-shirt, leather jacket, and faux snakeskin boots, I decided to hop on Instagram and share why it’s okay if we have contrasting interests.

When it comes to my style and music choices, I literally choose based on my mood. Maybe it’s the Enneagram Type 4 in me, but I am a very emotion-driven person. So I often use my emotions to dictate most of my decisions. For instance, if I’m feeling moody, I’ll throw on some Bon Iver or City & Colour and vibe out in hipster attire. Or, if I’m feeling sassy, I throw on some leopard print and play Taylor Swift. But I also bump to Christian rap while wearing baggy sweatpants and skate shoes. And I can get down to some hardcore screamo with my skinny jeans and band tees.

I don’t fit into a box.
But the thing is, neither do you.

See, the thing is, it’s okay if we have conflicting interests. Honestly, It’s okay if the way we live out our lives looks different from those around us. It’s okay if we wear frilly dresses and listen to screamo music. It’s okay if we want to jam out to our workout playlist while hit our goals. And it’s definitely okay if you like to burn incense and listen to hippy trippy music while you wash the dishes.

We were born to be our complete, whole selves. And if we’re being honest, what that looks like varies day-to-day. Don’t be afraid to explore what that looks like because, over time, we change. Our interest in music and style change as much as our thoughts, feelings, ideas, and emotions change. What truly matters is that we are being honest with ourselves. If you want to be totally out there, own it and feel confident about it. Don’t let anyone try to tell you what to wear or what music to listen to. If it brings you joy, makes you feel whole, and doesn’t hurt you or anyone around you, absolutely go for it.

Whether that leopard print and leather jackets or frilly dresses and combat boots, freaking own it. Or whether that’s jamming out to metal music while you’re working out or listening to classical music while you get yourself ready in the morning. You were born to evolve into your full self. And I think that should go without saying, people change and people grow. Who will you allow yourself to grow into?

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