How to Face Your Fears and Learn from Them

A couple of years ago, I wrote down a list of things I was afraid of for the upcoming New Year. As I cleaned out my desk the other day, I found that list. After skimming through, I realized that almost everything I wrote on that list happened. Most of the things I was afraid of happened. My fears happened, yall. Was it hard? Yes. But you know what? I lived through them.

Fear of Honors

One of my fears for 2017 was that I was unable to fulfill my Honors courses. Based upon my major courses and minor courses, I either had to graduate a year later in order to fulfill Honors or drop Honors and graduate on time. Honors meant having to spend two years on creating a project that may or may not help me get into Graduate school. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to further my education. At the time being, I was really fed up with school and was really struggling with senioritis. I wanted to graduate so badly and the thought of extending my semesters made my stomach turn. So I decided to turn down my Honors courses. I may have had to discontinue a lot of hard work, but I lived through it.

Fear of Finances

Another fear I had was not having my school paid for. You know what? Last Fall, I almost had to put my senior year on hold because of finances. Because I had gotten married the previous year, I lost a couple of my scholarships and my last year of my undergrad was not paid for. After having to jump through some hoops, I realized that my school had held out money on my account. It was a blessing because it was just enough to cover my Fall semester that I wouldn’t have to pay for a dime. However, during my Spring semester, I had to take out a $6,000 loan. Just for one semester. Of all my semesters, it had to be my last one. But I lived through it.

Fear of Graduation

One of my biggest fears was not graduating on time. Technically, I’ve always been afraid of not graduating on time. Honestly, I have had nightmares at the start of every single semester of failing my classes and having to drop out. And you know what? I didn’t graduate on time. Sure, I was able to walk across the stage on the right date. But, I wasn’t finished with school. I still had an entire summer class before I could get my diploma. And the date on my diploma? The date says Summer 2018, not Spring 2018. Now, I realize I was fortunate to be able to still walk with my graduating class. I was only one class away from receiving my diploma. Though I never failed a course, I still didn’t graduate on time. But I lived through it.

What I Learned

I may not have fulfilled my Honors courses, but I was able to make my own decisions.

I may not have had the finances to fund my last year of school, but I was still able to graduate.

I may not have graduated on time, but I was able to graduate with Cum Laude for my four years of hard work.

You see, there are several things we are afraid of. I had several fears for 2017 that came true. But I was able to learn and grow from them. I survived my fears. And as we transition into 2019, you can survive your fears too.


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