don't let your setbacks set you back

028 – Don’t Let Your Setbacks Set You Back

Don’t let your setbacks set you back!

What if we changed the way we viewed our mistakes? Instead of viewing them as setbacks, what if we started viewing our mistakes as learning tools or learning opportunities? Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of shifting and pivoting to get you back on track.

This week, I am sharing the importance of shifting our mental focus from recognizing that our current weaknesses are our future strengths. It’s easy to get caught up in our mistakes. But, it’s imperative you recognize the strength within you to keep going. And if you fail? You get back up and try again. But don’t let your setbacks set you back. 

Topics Discussed
  • Introducing August’s 31 Days of Divine Affirmation
  • Changing the way we view our “Mistakes”
  • How to Shift, Pivot, and Refocus 
  • The Mental Shift from Negative to Positive
  • Allowing yourself the Freedom to be Fully Human
August Challenge: 31 Days of Divine Affirmation

Yall, are you ready for this month’s challenge?!

That’s right, today kicks off our August Challenge in The Prodigal Daughter Community. For the next 31 days, our focus is all about ENCOURAGEMENT, specifically through the lens of scripture. God speaks to us in many ways and sometimes God speaks to us in different understandings of the Bible. This is why the next 31 days is a total focus on Divine Affirmation, a deepened focus, and understanding of our Spiritual truths over our lives.

The purpose of this goal is to find encouragement, inspiration, and motivation from various Bible verses. So whether you are looking for your new favorite Bible verse or just need extra reassurance from God’s promises, then this challenge is for you!

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