Coffee Stains

Sometimes coffee stains are little reminders that are trying to tell us to slow down and sit with Jesus.

This morning, my music would not connect from my phone to my car’s Bluetooth for whatever reason. So, I played my phone in the cup holder next to my coffee, only for the sound to be muffled by traffic. I am always wanting noise in my car while commuting to school every day. Sometimes listen to podcasts and other times I call Cody and tell him about my day. But as this crappy sound vibrated my thermos, I had to turn it off. That was when I decided to sit with Jesus.

A lot of times when I talk to Jesus, I mostly ramble on about the things even I do not know how to convey. I think a lot of times God speaks through His silence.

See, the thing is, God never oversteps when we fall far from the cross. God never interrupts us when we are broken before Him. The only time God interrupts us is when we falsely speak against ourselves because He was the air to be filled with His truth instead. A lot of times I find myself combatting God on how I feel. Who am I, though, to disagree with the Creator?

I find it easiest to talk to God because He mostly listens. He listens even when we can’t think of a word to simply utter out because He hears our hearts screaming out to Him. God told me a month ago that I was entering in the best season of my life. Though I am enjoying where I am at, there are some things that I feel are holding me back from my true calling. And even then, I do not know what that truly looks like.

However, despite my music not working this morning and despite my coffee stains all over my shawl as I frantically gathered my things out of my car for class, I am overwhelmed with joy knowing that my season is coming.

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