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Welcome Home

My name is Elaine Johnston. I am an undergraduate college student currently seeking Psychology and Small Business. I am a strong advocate of Women’s Ministry and at the very heart of my core, I hope this blog helps you in your struggles today.

The Prodigal Daughter:

The Prodigal Daughter is a gradual process of Humility, Forgiveness, Redemption and all things God-breathed.

Although I am not perfect and I fail on a daily basis, The Prodigal Daughter is what I have placed my identity in. Something so much bigger than I. This is why I believe the greatest discovery of all time is the call God has placed in your life. I am here to help you realize and reach that calling, from within. I believe that everything we want to have has already been instilled in us since before we were born. No matter how far you have traveled, no matter how badly you have messed up, it is not too late. And God will be there with open arms saying, “Welcome home, My child”.

Our purpose is the essence of who we are and everyone has one. Your gifts, your talents, your passions, they matter. You have a voice. You matter. Never should we try to underestimate the great power God has planted in our hearts to want to do better. I believe in always making your side of the universe as great as you can make it while teaching others how to create the life they want to live.

No matter how far you have traveled, no matter how badly you have messed up, it is not too late. Your past does not define your future. It is all that you make of it. Take charge of who you are and allow God to be able to use you as a vessel to create that exact future for someone else. You are a child of God, the one true Kind. You are Holy and Beloved. Start today by running towards your goals. God will be there with open arms saying, “Welcome home, My child”.


Wedding. :)
Wedding. 🙂

I am married to my best friend, Cody Johnston. Cody is pretty much a Master of most trades. Not only is he truly gifted at everything he touches, my favorite thing about him is that he leads me well. He is my cheerleader, my role model, my inspiration. He knows true drive and passion when he sees it and God has graciously met my needs through Cody when I forget how to be these things. Currently, Cody and I have two small businesses we own together, however, Cody’s passion is all about music and worship.

You can find him at


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You will almost always find me with a coffee mug in hand. Aside from the support from my husband and the calling I have on my heart from God, coffee is probably the reason why I am still writing. There is nothing better than sitting down with a good book, a sweet friend, or a warm campfire with a good cup of coffee.

Cody and I currently reside in our Arkansas home that we built together and we are going on our second year of marriage. Cody and I also run two small businesses together. We first owned a concessionaire business, BatterUp Concessions located in Dickey-Stephens ballpark (home to the Arkansas Travelers, an affiliate of the Seattle Mariners) where we own a corndog stand and a coffee shop. We are also partnered with Westrock Coffee, the official coffee of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

We also own a Christian apparel and home goods online store, Cedar Temple Trade Company. Through Cedar Temple, Cody and I are able to incorporate our love for Jesus as well our individual creative styles to be able to create conversational pieces to bring curiosity back to the Bible.

When we are not working, you can find us traveling, hiking, and hanging out with our husky puppy, Doppler Radar.

Me, Cody, and Doppler 🙂

Most of all, I strive to be the Leslie Knope of all that I do and I want whoever is reading this to know that you are being prayed for this very moment.

Welcome Home