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5 Tools to Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2020

It’s a new year and you’ve got major goals to crush. That’s great! BUT do you know how you will execute those goals? You have huge ideas but do you know how to get to that place of success? By utilizing these tools, you will be that much closer to achieving your goals in 2020!

I absolutely love the first part of the year. Why? Because I love all things goal setting, incorporating intentions for the New Year, and all things planners and stationary. While January 1st isn’t a magic date, it always feels good to start fresh and on a clean slate.

And what better way than to start with not only a new year but a new decade, a completely new season of life?! That’s why I have created this toolkit for you to crush those goals and get to your level of success. We all have big dreams and big plans for our lives and I want to be able to help you get to the finish line. By sharing the very tools that I incorporate with my goal setting, my hope is that you get a jumpstart on your goals for not only for the month of January but for the rest of the year as well.

So, are you ready to get started on your goals in 2020?!


Like I mentioned previously, I absolutely love all things planners and stationary. There is just something about buying a new planner that says, “Okay. It’s a new year, I can put all the things from the previous year behind me and start looking forward”! Not only does a planner get you in the mindset of fresh and new opportunities, but it’s also fully functional.

I buy all of my favorite planners at Target. Although I typically buy Day Designer brand planners, this year I found a super cute planner by Mead. I don’t know why but whenever I buy cute planners I feel like I’ll actually stick to them. And since there are so many options out there, you can find one that fits your needs. Whether it’s a pocket-size planner that you keep in your purse or you use the bigger planners that include fun stickers, rulers, and a phone book, it’s totally up to you on how you keep your most important dates.

The reason why planners are such a big deal for starting off a new year is that you physically see a fresh, clean slate. No longer are you bombarded with last year’s to-do lists and appointments. Not only does a new year give you a clean calendar to work with, but you also get the chance to be super-specific. Throughout the year, our calendars can get away from us. But this time of the year, you get to pick and choose what you allow into your space. You get to be fully in charge of your calendar.

Clean office Space

I believe every single one of these tools is super important to achieving your goals but clean office space is one of the most important things to utilize. This is where the magic happens. Sure, you’ve got to set a planner for your to-do lists, appointments, and important dates to remember. But, clean office space is where you get to sit down, focus, and do the work necessary to reach our goals.

You can’t do that with clutter, at least not efficiently. Why? Because clutter is a distraction. One minute you’re working hard on your goals, the next minute you realize your deck needs organizing. Then you start organizing your desktop, only to remember you need to do laundry and the dishes, just to come back and realize you need to read through some old emails and clear our your Facebook notifications. And then you skip like 3 hours of work because you were busy with everything else.

Ugh. Anyone been there? Yep. That used to be me too. Until I started using my time wisely. (see, this is where the planner comes into effect) Because I set time aside to do that very thing before I ever actually sat down to focus on making headway on my goals, I am now able to work distraction-free. And not only does a clean office space clear distractions, we actually feel better too. You can walk away from your desk and not feel guilty. A clean office space gives you freedom and allows you to focus on what really matters.

Vision Board

So, you have your planner and you have a clean office space. And you may be wondering, “well, what’s next?”. A vision board.

I believe that a vision board not only gives you the inspiration and motivation to take action towards your goals, but it reminds you of where you want to grow. We all have those times where we feel uninspired and unmotivated. It happens to literally everyone. But the whole idea around a vision board is that it helps you see your potential. When you get stuck in your goal-setting, you can look up at your vision board and remind yourself of why you started in the first place.

And the best part? We get to play and get creative. You can make it look however you want it to and you can change it out however you want. I’ve had vision boards that lasted all year and I’ve also had vision boards that focused on half-year or quarterly goals. I’ve had them where the pictures and quotes were segmented off in specific areas and I’ve also had them randomly spaced out.

Whatever and however it works for you, create that.


I love journaling. I’ve been journaling since I was 8 years old and I will not enjoy journaling. Actually, I believe everyone should journal. This is such an incredible tool not only in goal setting but in everyday life as well. In fact, my husband and I recently spoke with one of my podcasting friends about her journaling routine over at The Reckless Pursuit.

Why is journaling so important?

Because you get to document where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you would like to go. You get to dream and reflect. It helps you focus your thoughts and emotions. And it’s solely yours. You don’t have to share it with anyone. It’s literal documentation of your progress and is a great mental/emotional/spiritual check-up.

Morning Routine

Okay, so. We have a planner, a clean office space, a vision board, a journal, so what else do we need to achieve our goals in 2020? Well, the encompass all of these tools together, we need a morning routine.

A morning routine sets a specific time for the important things in our life. A planner helps us “plan” out our lives but it only works if we put the work in. Having a morning routine, or a daily routine creates the space to take care of ourselves. This is the most important time of the day because it helps us reset and refocus.

A morning routine consists of the top 4 tools and then some. Whether you wake up and immediately take a shower and work on writing your to-do list for the day or waking up early and getting a good workout in before you head to your office, it’s solely up to you and what works out best for you. And it’s okay if your morning routine doesn’t look like everyone else’s. Do what works for you, not against you. But whatever you decide, make sure you do it consistently. Make it a habit to take care of yourself. It’s not selfish to take time for self-care. In fact, it actually helps the relationships around you because you’re able to operate at your best.

*I recognize that not all of us have the privilege or flexibility of having a morning routine, we do, however, need some sort of routine in our lives. So, whatever time you have for yourself, you can still use this information. But make sure you incorporate time for yourself. It’s absolutely necessary to our mental, physical, spiritual, financial, emotional, relational health.

So, what is your favorite tool to utilize for setting goals in 2020? Do you have a tool you use that’s not listed above?

I would love to hear from you!

Be sure and leave a comment below on what your morning routine looks like or what your favorite journaling practices are!

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