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052 – 5 Things to Expect on Your Spiritual Journey

Here are 5 Things to Expect on Your Spiritual Journey!

When people throw around terms like “Spiritual Journey” or “Grounding Practices, what initially comes to mind? Do you think of a monk meditating in the park? Or an active Sunday morning churchgoer? It can often feel overwhelming when spiritual gurus or pastors preach about getting your spirituality centered. 

So many people are afraid of stepping out into the unknown. So many people are afraid of embracing their own spiritual selves. Why? Because they don’t know where to start! They often feel intimidated because they don’t have someone linking arms with them. Rarely do they have someone walking them through the different aspects of what it truly means to embark on a spiritual journey.

But I want to change that narrative. By no means can we plan for every twist and turn along the way. However, there are a few key things that we can keep in our spiritual tool belt.

I’ve put together 5 things to expect on your spiritual journey. While this is not an exhaustive list of everything that could possibly happen, understanding these different areas has definitely helped me on my spiritual journey. Each of these 5 things are based on both personal experiences and the experiences of many others as well. So, without further ado, let’s dig right in. 

Topics Discussed:
  • What happens when you deconstruct your belief system 
  • Dealing with pushback from loved ones
  • Becoming aware of your internal & external environment
  • Deeping our sense of connection with our Creator
  • Exploring spiritual liberation & divine freedom 
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