everything is spiritual

30 – Everything is Spiritual!

Everything is Spiritual!

And once we learn to tap into what looks like, the possibilities are endless. The conversations are infinite. And the growth is exponential. 

This week marks the VERY FIRST episode of Spirituality Untamed and the unraveling of a new adventure. I believe that we are all on a Spiritual Journey. With that, I also believe that each one of us is equipped with our own, unique Spiritual Giftings. And recently, my own Spiritual Journey has taken a new direction. Y’all, I am so excited to share this life with you all!

So, as we dive into this new chapter together, I just have one question for you!
“In what area of your life do you need to dig in a little deeper?”

Topics Discussed
  • Retiring The Prodigal Daughter
  • Introducing Spirituality Untamed 
  • Celebrating new chapters & new beginnings
  • Digging deeper into my calling
  • Knowing when to retire old things
Join the Community:
  • Ladies, are you ready for this month’s challenge?! Join the Spirituality Untamed Community today to take part in August’s 31-Day Challenge. This month is all about Divine Affirmation. For 31 days, we are focusing on scripture to showcase our Spiritual Truths. If you’re needing a little pick-me-up, then this challenge is for you!

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