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3 Habits of Highly Successful Women

What does it truly take to become successful women? Is there a magic algorithm or is there something deeper within? Let’s explore the 3 habits of successful women and how you are able to implement these habits into your daily life.

We all want to be successful women. Want to be successful in your career and build a successful business? Or do you want to be in in a successful marriage and structure a positive atmosphere for your family? Whatever your level of success looks like, there are a few common practices that you can do to ensure that level of success. Here are THREE habits that successful women do.

They Are Able to Track Their Own Level of Success Over Time

I can’t tell you enough how important it is to be able to track your success over time. For me, I love to journal. I mean, I’ve been journaling since 2nd grade if that tells you anything. Of course, 8-year-old me’s version of success may not look exactly the same. But that’s okay. That’s the point of it all. Being able to write down your dreams and goals over time helps you understand where your heart truly lies. 8-year-old you may have wanted to grow up to be a doctor. 18-year-old you may have wanted to be a counselor. And now, 28-year-old you wants to coach other women on how to create the lives that they want to live.

Do any of those dreams look exactly the same? Not quite but it helped you realize that your heart lies with the people around you. When you are able to sit down and write out your goals and dreams each week, you are able to see where you’ve come from. And not only are you able to see where you’ve come from but you’re able to get insight into your own future. So what are your goals and dreams? Write them down!

They Lift Other Women Up

It’s 2019 you guys! (Or whatever year you’re reading this) It’s time to put our old ways behind us. We’re no longer mean girls from Middle School or High School. Successful women lift up other women. It’s no longer about who can climb the top of the success ladder the quickest. No, it’s about who can link arms with one another to help lift each other up. Women need to stick together. The world can be lonely out there but it doesn’t have to be. If you see a woman out there posting her gym workout on Instagram, you hype that girl up! You see that woman starting up her new business? You hype that girl up! The thing is, successful women lift other women up to help them become successful as well. It’s not a race to the top, it’s revival of women standing p with each other.

They Focus on Their Strengths Instead of Their Weaknesses

Successful women know their strengths and abilities. They understand their value and purpose in life. And they are able to use these strengths and abilities to empower those around them. The truth is, God has given each of us unique gifts and qualities to pursue. It’s important that we focus on these strengths and walk in confidence. That’s not to say we shouldn’t try to strengthen our weaknesses. By all means, level up and become a greater version of yourself than before. But don’t focus on the things you’re not. Focus on the gifts that God gave you.

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