goals already changed for 2021

059 – Goals Already Changed for 2021? Then You’re in Good Company!

Have your goals already changed for 2021? Then you’re in good company!

Have your goals already changed for 2021? Then you’re in good company!

A year ago, everyone’s life changed in some capacity. Given the circumstances of covid, a global pandemic, social distancing, quarantining at home, mask mandates, and life being turned upside down, it’s no wonder our goals have changed. 

Even after one year removed from all the chaos of 2020, many of us are still picking up the pieces. Many of us are still learning how to shift, pivot, and maneuver through change. Many of our goals are still being re-calibrated and many plans are still up in the air. Given that we have lived through another year, through a global pandemic, might I add, it’s okay if what you thought you wanted is no longer in foresight. 

And if hindsight really is 2020, then we can learn a thing or two about change. 

Topics Discussed:
  • What life is like a year after a Global Pandemic
  • Thinking big thoughts, taking big action 
  • Course direction, changing goals, and giving God the wheel 
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