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058 – Spirituality is More Than a Cute Mantra

While affirmations are important, spirituality is more than a cute mantra!

I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am rich, anddd I’m totally dying inside. Okay, not really. But spirituality totally feels that way sometimes. I mean, feeling yourself, stepping in your power, and bossing up in life is great. But does anyone ever actually talk what it took to get to this place of self love and self confidence?

Does anyone actually talk about the hard things. Does anyone actually talk about doing the deep and heavy lifting of working on your soul? Anyone? Anyone out there? Or are we trained to only talk about our successes? Are we trained to only share highlight reels of us juicing and meditating out in the desert for a cute Instagram picture? Have we really dumbed down our spiritual journey. Is spirituality more than vacationing in boujie hotels on discrete islands with the caption “#blessed”? 

Are you tired society bottling up spirituality and selling it through overpriced crystals and rosary beads than actually showing people how to truly live spiritually wild, free, and untamed? Then you’re not alone. Spirituality is more than a cute mantra!

Topics Discussed:

Topics Discussed:

  • How Spirituality is more like “Dark Night of the Soul”
  • Nobody talks about roaming the desert, alone
  • Why letting go of things that don’t serve you feels more like purging
  • Deconstruction is more than a “buzzword”
  • The Spiritual Journey is more than a fad or a cute mantra
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If you are looking for a community of women who are digging deeper into their own Spiritual liberation & Divine Freedom, then look no further! I want to personally invite you to the Spirituality Untamed – Community.

God has gifted each one of us the ability to go deeper and tap into our higher callings. In this community, we explore different mindset patterns, meditation practices, and the power of manifestation. 

As we share our Spiritual Giftings with one another, we step outside of the box and allow ourselves to truly run Free, Wild, and Untamed.

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