living free, wild, & untamed

047 – Living Free, Wild, & Untamed with Katie Herrel

Here’s to living free, wild, & untamed!

“We put so much focus on being in an amazing, immaculate state to make things happen in the world and what this year has taught me is that it’s just not true. We can create from a place of sadness.” 

This week, I am introducing our very first interview on Spirituality Untamed. Today, I am chatting with one of my favorite human beings, my dear friend, and the host of The BS Detox, Katie Herrel. 

We dive into different Spiritual Practices and how to shift our mindset around fear to find healing in our lives. Katie shares incredible insight on how to create out of the broken and messy parts of our lives. She also shares what 2020 has taught her about honoring ourselves in the present moment. 

We also discuss what it means to chase after our Highest Good and understand the Spiritual and Emotional Energy around us. 

Be sure to tune in as we explore what it means to live Free, Wild, and Untamed!

Topics Discussed:
  • Creating beautiful things out of our brokenness and sadness 
  • Learning how to come home and honor ourselves
  • Shifting our Mindset away from Religious and Societal Standards 
  • How Religious Indoctrination leads to a life of living in fear 
  • Learning how to pursue our Highest Good 
  • How to alchemize and master the Energy around us
  • Allowing ourselves the freedom to tap into our Self-Exploration 
  • The power in finding genuine relationships and supporting other women 
Join the Community!

If you are looking for a community of women who are digging deeper into their own Spiritual liberation & Divine Freedom, then look no further! I want to personally invite you to the Spirituality Untamed – Community.

God has gifted each one of us the ability to go deeper and tap into our higher callings. In this community, we explore different mindset patterns, meditation practices, and the power of manifestation.

As we share our Spiritual Giftings with one another, we step outside of the box and allow ourselves to truly run Free, Wild, and Untamed.

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