rest is a form of productivity

045 – Rest is a Form of Productivity

Rest is a form of Productivity!

I don’t know about you, but some days I feel guilty for taking a day off. 
There are times where I find it hard to enjoy rest because I feel lazy in my pursuits.

Even after working long hours on a project, there are still days where I feel like if I’m not doing something productive, I’m wasting my time.

Although I know deep down, this isn’t true, I still have to remind myself that it’s okay to take a day off. In fact, it’s okay to take an entire week off if you need to!

Because what I have found to be true is that Rest is a Form of Productivity.

While hard work pays off in the end, being intentional about our rest is equally important (if not more) to how we show up in the world. And since we are officially in Holiday Season, what better time to share 5 ways to find Productive Rest?!

Topics Discussed:
  • Shifting the paradigm around “Productive Rest”
  • Distinguishing various ways to find Physical Rest
  • Learning how to implement an Emotional Inventory Checklist 
  • Resetting our Mindset and Thought Life around Rest 
  • Finding Creativity outside of your daily occupation
  • Why Spiritual Rest is often overlooked (and the hardest to implement)
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