celebrating 25 years of life

044 – Celebrating 25 Years of Life (And 1 Year of This Show!)

Here’s to celebrating 25 years of life!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Actually, there are quite a few things to celebrate this week. 
Not only is it Thanksgiving week, but we are also celebrating two major birthdays today! 

First, Spirituality Untamed is ONE year old! That’s right, we have been at it for one whole year. Even though a year ago this show had a completely different name, vision, and mission wrapped around it, we have had a whole year’s worth of conversation! We have been digging deeper into our own spiritual journeys and that’s worth celebrating. 

Also, I turned the big TWENTY-FIVE this past weekend! As we’re nearing the holiday season, I am so full of gratitude for this podcast, for the relationships I’ve developed over the last year, and for simply celebrating 25 years of life. 

So, here are a few life lessons that I have learned over the years and what I’m currently sitting with today.

Topics Discussed:
  • Birthday Celebrations, Podcast Anniversary, & Thanksgiving Week 
  • How I celebrated my birthday this past weekend
  • Life lessons I’ve learned over the past 25 years
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