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042 – Extending Grace to Your Past Self

Do you love your “past self”?
Do you extend grace to who you used to be?

These may sound like odd questions if you’ve never thought about all the different people you’ve been in your lifetime. Odds are, every single one of us has deconstructed our beliefs at some point in our lives. This can be in the form of Politics and Religion. Or, this can be general beliefs and perspectives that no longer speak truth to you. It’s hard extending grace towards others and their perspectives when we’ve deconstructed. But it’s even harder to extend that same grace to our past selves.

Regardless of what ideas you’ve let go of or new ideas you’re currently sitting with, we are all different people than we used to be. You’re different from who you were in High School.  You’re different than who you were 5 years ago. And with the year that we’ve had, I’ll bet you’re a different person now than who you were stepping into 2020. 

So what would it look like if we extended grace to our past selves? What would it look like if we healed who we once were so that we could hold space for who others are now?

Topics Discussed:

Question(s) of the Week: 

“Do you love your past self?”
“Do you extend grace to who you used to be?”

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