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041 – What Does Intentional Living Look Like?

What does intentional living look like?

Are you intentional with your relationships? Are you intentional with your daily habits, or continual growth? We often hear the phrase “be intentional”. Whether it’s with the people we hang out with, what we consume, or how we spend our time alone. 

But what does intentional living look like? What does it mean to live with intention and purpose? How do we operate out of being present and known? With all the chaos and distractions of the external world, how do we fully sit with and internalize purposeful living? 

These are a few of the questions that I am asking myself this week, and I want to invite you on this journey alongside me. I want us to discover what means to live with and fully embrace intentionality in our lives and how we can extend that beyond ourselves.

Topics Discussed:

  • What Intentionality means and how it applies to our lives
  • Finding the “why” behind our thoughts and actions
  • Discovering the purpose of our dreams and desires 

Question(s) of the Week: 
“What is your why? What is your purpose? Why do you do the things you do? Who are you serving and why does it matter?”

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