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039 – In a Creative Funk? Lead with That!

In a creative funk? Lead with that! You never know how sharing your most authentic self even if you feel like you have nothing to say, can speak to others!

There are days where you are out there freaking KILLING it in life. Your physical health is on point, you start your mornings with intention, you show up in all of your relationships, you hit every single task on your to-do list and you feel 100% your best self. 

And then there are days where you feel depleted. You feel as though you have no creative spark left, you sit at your desk and stare at your computer screen for hours on end and you feel empty, drained, & feel as though you have nothing to show for yourself.

For some people, this is called Writer’s Block.
For others, this is called Analysis Paralysis. 

But no matter what you call it, no matter which way you spin it, it all stems from the same obstacle. I call this a Creative Funk. And if you have been feeling stuck in your creative endeavors, then this may just be the best Lead Magnet of all. 

Topics Discussed
  • Leading with your most authentic self
  • Why sharing your struggle speaks life into others
  • Allowing our “Creative Funk” to lead us 
Question of the Week: 

“How can you lead with your Creative Funk today?”

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