are you living in your alignment

038 – Are You Living in Your Alignment?

Are you living in your alignment? Because if you are feeling a sudden sense of overwhelm, anxiety, stress, or tension, then there may be areas in your life that need tending to.

Recently, I’ve been experiencing heaviness in my soul and needed to find the culprit. After a bit of prayer and self-reflection, I started seeing old patterns beginning to manifest in my mental space. I began to recognize that these old patterns were a byproduct of not living in my alignment. These old patterns were a byproduct of not owning my truth. The heaviness that I was feeling was from playing small and not stepping into my potential.

However, once I started to release these old thought patterns and really pay attention to the deeper-rooted truths, I started to feel content and at peace. I started to feel my soul replenishing. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to break away from these old patterns. It’s time to step into your most full, truest self.

And let’s do it together. 

Topics Discussed:
  • What really happens when you feel a sudden sense of overwhelming dread or doubt (even if nothing is wrong!)
  • How stepping outside of your alignment manifests emotionally, physically, and spiritually
  • Recognizing ways I am gaining back my peace and restoration
  • 5 ways we can learn how to focus on the things that serve us rather than the ideas that harm us
Question of the Week:

“How can you start living in alignment with yourself?”

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