the art of changing seasons

035 – The Art of Changing Seasons

Hello, Autumn! 

Today, we are celebrating the first day of Fall! This is honestly my favorite season of the year and I am so excited to step into this new season. Get ready for all the Pumpkin Spice Lattes and everything that is Spooky Szn!

Being that today is the first day of Fall, what better topic to start with than The Art of Changing Seasons?! This week, I am sharing a few updates and changes coming to Spirituality Untamed in the upcoming weeks. I also share a couple of life updates and why I am choosing to walk in Hope & Gratitude for this last quarter of 2020. 

If there is one thing I want to share with you this week, it’s this: I see your growth, I see your potential, and you are doing a dang good job today. Let’s not only celebrate a new season but fully embrace and recognize our own growth as well!

Topics Discussed
  • Life update and why I’m back on Instagram
  • Celebrating this Autumn season
  • New changes coming to Spirituality Untamed
  • What each new season teaches us about life
  • Recognizing the beauty in the here-and-now
Question of the Week: 

“What is this new season teaching you about hope and peace?”

Join the Community!

If you are looking for a community of women who are digging deeper into their own Spiritual liberation and Divine Freedom, then I want to personally invite you to the Spirituality Untamed – Community.

God has gifted each one of us the ability to go deeper and tap into our higher callings. In this community, we explore different mindset patterns, meditation practices, and the power of manifestation in order to grow into our greatest potential.

Our purpose is to share our unique, Spiritual Giftings with one another as we explore what it means to step outside of the box and allow ourselves to truly run free, wild, and untamed.

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