discomfort and trauma

034 – What Discomfort and Trauma Teach Us About Growth

What discomfort and trauma teach us about growth (and other things I’m leaning into).

Oftentimes we blur the line between what is “uncomfortable” and “awkward” versus “toxic” and “hostile”. But discomfort and toxicity aren’t synonymous. We can find discomfort in situations that grow us. However, traumatic experiences confine us into small boxes that stunt our growth. 

Recently, I felt God tug at my Spirit to dive into what discomfort and trauma can teach us about growth. In this episode, I explore how being uncomfortable can be a healthy thing for our continual growth. However, I also show the importance of recognizing how toxic situations can lead to trauma and trigger responses. But, this is such an important topic and I believe that in order to become better versions of ourselves, we must dig in a little deeper, even if it’s a little “uncomfortable”. 

Topics Discussed
  • Distinguishing between discomfort & toxicity
  • How comfort zones stunt our growth (and protects us)
  • Redefining uncomfortable situations as growing pains
  • How traumatic experiences alter our cognitive thinking
Question of the Week: 

“Can you think back to a time where you felt uncomfortable or awkward [in a completely toxic-free situation] where you were able to step outside of your comfort zone and  it grew you as a person?”

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