5 ways to effectively use your voice

032 – 5 Ways to Effectively Use Your Voice

Here are 5 Ways to Effectively Use Your Voice Online & In-Person

What do green juice smoothies have to do with honing your message and effectively using your voice? Is there a scientific regimen that aligns us with our message and allows us to speak clearly? Does practice really make perfect when it comes to our delivery?!

This week, I am sharing 5 Ways to Effectively Use Your Voice Online & In-Person. The truth is, there are so many different exercises and tools to implement an effective message and a skilled speaker. These are just a few key ways I am learning to effectively use my own voice and hone my own message. In this episode, I explore different concepts such as confidence, credibility, and clarity in order to share how to convey the correct message for your audience. 

Topics Discussed
  • Confidently standing behind our message
  • Proving our message works with credibility
  • Starting with the “end in mind” in our delivery 
  • How we inadvertently share the wrong message 
  • Having fun and staying creative with our stories 
Question of the Week

“Does your voice align with the message that you are trying to convey?”

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