where are you focusing your energy

031 – Where are You Focusing Your Energy (and How is it Serving You?)

Where are you focusing your energy and how is it serving you?

There is spiritual energy all around us. But most of the time, we either operate out of our masculine energy or our feminine energy.

While masculine energy can manifest itself more competitively through business and hustle, feminine energy can manifest itself through emotion and relationships. Every single one of us embodies both types, regardless of where we are focusing our energy towards. Neither type is inherently wrong. But there is a boundary between healthy and toxic energy. 

This week, I am sharing a personal experience of mine where I was focusing my energy in the wrong light. I share how it didn’t serve me in the end. This topic is something that I am newly interested in and fascinated by and I don’t doubt for one second this topic is something that we are going to explore on a deeper level.  

Topics Discussed
Question of the Week: 

“Where are you focusing your energy and how is it serving you?

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