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007 – Let’s Get Spiritual

Ever have one of those weeks where everything seems to stop working right at the wrong time? Like, maybe you came home to a flood in your house from vacation and your refrigerator and freezer quit working all at the same time. Or maybe you’re dealing with something deeper than surface level. Maybe emotionally you haven’t been able to deal with what’s in front of you. 

This week, I am sharing my word for 2020 and how I’m already reflecting on what this new year looks like for me. I’m also sharing where my husband and I have been in the past couple of weeks. We’re in a new year, a new decade, and an entirely new season of life and I’m 100% here for it; even if that means things don’t always go according to plan.

So, let’s get spiritual!

My word for 2020 and what it means for me

A few weeks ago, Cody and I realized that we had not gone to a traditional Church setting in a few months so we wanted to close 2019 and start 2020 by being in a house of worship. As I was taking communion, I started thinking about what I wanted my new word for the year to be that was specific to me. The word spiritual came to me. Unsure of what this meant, I quietly received the word and went on with the rest of the service.

Ever since Cody and I have been together, I’ve always piggybacked off his word. Because we are married and a strong unit, I just always went with his word for the year as God has given him one for the last 10 years. I’ve only had one other time where I had a strong word for the year back in 2014 and that was prodigal which set the stage for my blog as well as later set the stage for this podcast.

I wasn’t sure exactly what the word spiritual meant but I knew it was specific to where I believe God is leading me into this new year.

How Deconstruction applies to the Spiritual and Physical

As many of you know, Cody and I have had a couple of unfortunate events happen in the last couple of weeks. With coming home to a flood in our downstairs to our fridge and freezer going out, we’ve had a lot of chaos and stress on our hands.

Which reminded me of Deconstruction, something that Cody and I talk a lot about on our other show, The Reckless Pursuit. As we spent 10 hours ripping up our old flooring and repainting some walls, I started thinking about the parallels of deconstruction. I thought about the process is often ugly and messy but when we come out of it, how beautiful and life-giving our surroundings start to become.

Life update and what I’m learning from chaos

Life is crazy. It can be messy and chaotic.
This is something that I am realizing as I step into a new year. Things happen when we least expect them to. Life happens that way sometimes. And while we always want to feel like we’re in control, there are moments where we feel as if everything is happening against us and all at once.

But there is still beauty in the chaos. There is always something beautiful to come out of unfortunate situations.
God is still working with us and through us as we go through different challenges.

Embracing a new season of life 

Spirituality is what I’m embracing in 2020.

I’m wanting to tap into the spiritual energy around us and the spiritual realm of faith. As well as truly tapping into the spirituality in relationships and those around us. I know God gave me this word for a specific reason. I don’t know exactly what that looks like yet, but I’m 100% here for it. So, let’s get spiritual, y’all.

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